Emergency Tree Service

In the event of an emergency, Rios Osorio’s Services Inc offers 24 hour emergency tree service for storm damage. Storms are a common occurrence in Northern VA. Trees can and do fall onto structures. When strong winds come along with wet saturated grounds, then trees are bound to fall over. Uprooted trees can cause serious damage.

The first thing a resident should do when a tree falls onto their house, is make sure everyone in the house is safe. Next, call the insurance company to inform them of what happened and obtain a claim number. The insurance company will usually recommend a local tree service from their preferred vendor list. Then, call the tree company right away to receive a free estimate. Choose companies that specialize in emergency tree service and have experienced personnel to handle the dangerous work.

Quick Response to Emergencies

• Call  703-203-5315 

• Emergency on-call person should answer

• Provide customer information

• Our estimator should be at your door within an hour of your call.

Emergency tree service is very dangerous.  Especially in slick and wet conditions just after or during a storm. We do not recommend removing a storm damaged tree in the dark. The salesman will recommend the emergency job be completed the very next morning for safety reasons. Our estimators will go over the details of the emergency job with you and possibly recommend staying in a hotel for the night, or multiple nights if the damage is severe. Insurance usually covers these costs.

What does the insurance company usually cover?

Insurance companies will generally cover the cost for trees that fall onto a structure. If a tree has fallen across neighboring yards, property line boundaries are used to determine the responsible party. If a tree does not hit a structure, insurance companies usually do not assume responsibility. It really depends on the insurance company and policy a home owner has on their dwelling.

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