Stump Grinding

Once a tree is removed from a property, the stump remains. A stump can be ground out using a stump grinding machine & operator. The most important detail when considering removing a tree stump is the accessibility. If a tree stump is on a hill, it might not be accessible for a stump machine to grind it out. There are many scenarios that can alter stump grinding. Fences, landscape, patios, stairs, structures, and slopes all need to be considered for the stump machine accessibility.

Stump grindings– post grinding

After a tree stump is ground out, stump grindings or shavings can be left in a pile at work site or hauled away. Usually there is an extra charge for the stump grindings to be hauled away. Large stumps that are ground out can leave a huge pile of grindings so please be aware and make sure to discuss this detail with an estimator.

Surface Roots

Surface roots are another option to be ground. The root system in a tree is very critical to tree healthy. Any cutting of a tree’s roots can cause a tree to go into decline rapidly. Consult an arborist to discuss options if a tree can be saved upon cutting its roots. Many times, if roots need to be cut or pruned, the tree will need to be removed in its entirety. Grinding surface roots is another separate cost aside from grinding a tree stump.

Underground Utilities

It is necessary when hiring a company to grind stumps to call Miss Utility to mark all underground utility lines. Our company does this for our customers. Sometimes it takes 3-5 business days for Miss Utility to come out and mark the ground.

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