Tree Removal Service

Rios Osorio’s Services Inc, specializes in providing outstanding tree removal service for our customers.  Serving Northern Virginia.  When we assess our customers trees, we share the common goal of caring for healthy trees.  We do not like to recommend taking a tree down unless it is absolutely necessary.  If a tree is an imminent threat to people or nearby structures such as a house, we will surely recommend eradication.  Our arborists will provide excellent tree assessments, and offer the best advice for tree care, removal, and stump grinding.

Tree Assessment by our Certified Arborists?

When a tree goes into decline, it can become a hazardous situation rather quickly. Trees that are in close proximity to people and structures can pose a serious threat – especially in a wind storm. Hazardous trees must be removed that endanger people or structures.  Keep on mind, not all trees close to a house should be cut down, some are actually just fine. Some warning signs to look for:

• Potential uprooting trees could have a mound around the trunk area

• Hazardous trees with signs of decay in their trunks or roots

• Trees with a heavy lean towards a structure or heavy traffic area

• Dead, diseased, or dying crown of the tree

We recommend you stand back and look at the entire tree, the trunks bark can offer a lot of information. Check for cracks, splits, or discoloration.

Usually, problems are below the ground, but there are signs to look for above in the trunk and tree canopy

There are many potential factors that can cause a tree to go into decline. Most of the time, it is an abiotic condition that puts a tree in distress, for example, environmental issues like temperature extremes, drought, such as fungal diseases or insect can cause harm, but this are only secondary issues. It is highly recommended to have your trees evaluated annually.



It takes many years to become a tree expert.  Taking down large trees in close proximity to homes or structures requires many skills and experience.  We have many professional tree climbers that perform this task on a daily basis.  Our climbers are true experts with many years of experience in safe and efficient climbing, rigging, roping, removal, and ground work. When you hire our organization, you are dealing with some of the very best in the business!

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