Root Management

Vertical Mulching

Vertical mulching is one of the very best things you can do for the root systems of a tree that is located in compacted soil. More and more, soil is compacted in urban forestry. New construction, sidewalks, street trees, parks, all around us our soil is being compacted by many things. In the forest, soil has the appropriate air and pour space, but this is generally not the case in the city. The process includes drilling holes to loosen the soil where the root system is, thus providing somewhere for the feeder roots to go for oxygen and soil amendment. All that’s needed to do this service is a drill bit with auger, soil amendment with topsoil, a shovel and wheel barrel. One of my favorite tree care practices for dealing with compacted soils.

Root Collar Excavation

Easiest if done when a tree is young. Using some gardening tools or small shovels, scrape back the base of the tree where the trunk meets the ground to look under the soil and expose the roots. Girdling Roots can choke a tree causing it to die. These roots can be cut and fixed if a tree is young enough.


This can also help trees along with grass roots by allowing oxygen into the soil. Again, a maintenance technique for compacted soil, or soil that needs oxygen.

Mulch Rings around trees

Another common maintenance practice among landscapes mostly to keep lawn mowers away from the root system and trunk of a tree. Mulch also maintains moisture, to help trees absorb water easier.

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