Support System

Tree Support Systems

Cabling & Bracing

To maintain longevity or even restoring a tree canopy, a cable can be installed. Large tree limbs that lean heavily are usually candidates for possible cabling. Double crotches can have whats called included bark, or a weakening of the union of a crotch where bark develops inside not allowing further strengthening of interior xylem within the union. This is an issue with the limbs that can now potentially break out. If a weak union or double crotch is present, a cable can be installed to strengthen the weakened crotch where the pressure is. Cables are drilled into the tree on two sides with eye bolts connectors and pulled tight. This is done in the upper 2/3’s of the tree canopy for better leverage. Cables help a tree branch structure maintain and increase longevity of the tree. Before a cable is installed, the tree should be pruned off major deadwood.

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